Midnight Diner: A Tokyo Story

While we were on our trip to China our hosts, David and Xurry, highly recommended a Japanese series they had been watching. We found it on Netflix. Last night we watched the first three episodes and found them wonderfully compelling.

There is a diner open only from midnight until seven in the morning. Run by “The Master”, a man of indeterminate age with a nasty scar that begins above one eye which descends down his cheek, his menu offers only a single dish. However, if you ask for something, and if he has the ingredients, he’ll make whatever is asked.

That’s the setup.

But the story isn’t about him, it’s about the people who come to his diner, who interact with each other and with The Master. The stories, at least the first three, are small and sweet.

If you are looking for the video version of a short story collection that doesn’t involve super-hero, massed alien invasions, or high level action, then this might be the place for you.

Give it a try.

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