I have read all but one of the Nebula Award novel nominees. Wow, am I underwhelmed. Three of them I had to just skim through because they were simply not interesting.

Two I genuinely enjoyed: “Jade City” by Fonda Lee which I can recommend and “The Stone Sky” by N.K. Jemisin - but the latter is the 3rd in a trilogy and not accessible for someone who wants to enter.

But “Autonomous” by Annalee Newitz, “Ammberlough” by Lara Elena Donnelly and “Six Wakes” by Mur Lafferty just don’t make the grade.

I haven’t tried “Spoonbenders” by Daryl Grfegory having been so disheartened by the novels I just mentioned.

Either I’m totally out of step or I’m just becoming a grumpy old man.

And now I have to stop and find out what kind of trouble the cat is making in the studio. It sounds serious…

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