An unusual ice cream

We went out to lunch at one of the oldest restaurants in Guangzhou . The food was Cantonese (of course) so it was bland. But they had ice cream and smoothies. One of our party ordered (get ready) Durian Ice Cream. I was invited to have a taste. After a few swallows in trepidation I took a chance on a spoonful…

It wasn’t awful. It wasn’t even bad. What it was…was strange. And I can’t begin to describe the flavor. I do know it was complex. I know it had an immediate flavor and then another that oozed in afterwards. I found I wanted to have another taste - but only to try to understand what I was experiencing.

Now, weeks later, the experience 7,000 miles away, I no longer remember anything specific about what I tasted. I remember the strangeness. Would I try it again? I think so. But not to enjoy, but to experience, like a particularly violent amusement park ride.

If you have a chance to try durian ice-cream…give it a shot…but be prepared.

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