A WWDC presentation that inspired

At WWDC this year there was an excellent presentation on the new Swift Playground features. There was a presentation by Jonathan Penn, a playground engineer. He demonstrated an exploration of an iPad’s accelerometer function and went on to made a small game using SpriteKit.

Now I’ve never written anything to do with SpriteKit or written a line of code for iOS and only played with Swift for doing command-line things. My last bit of software was written for VAXen. But there was something quite special about the way Jonathan presented and I saw the chance to make something for my grandson who is on the autism spectrum. He loves marble maze towers and Rube Goldberg machines - watches youtube videos and makes things.

So I thought maybe I could make a simple Rube Goldberg machine app for him. I have tons of time, since I’m recovering from a knee replacement, and I work on a laptop and my iPad. The learning curve has been a bit steep for me but I’m having a ball.

So I wanted to thank Jonathan Penn for the inspiration. It was a talk done right. And if you haven’t pondered Playgrounds they are fun both on the iPad (amazing!!!) and on the Mac.

BRAVO ZULU Apple and the Playground team.

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